Mirambeena has been working hard towards extending our practice of embedding Indigenous Perspectives in the program. Staff have made the most of attendance at Professional Development opportunities such as those offered by EATSIPEC and Yarn Up. Three staff were able to join in the Walk on Country event in July and gained a real sense of connection with the earth, culture and its history.

Mirambeena took up the invitation to join in the NAIDOC celebrations at USQ on Wednesday 30th July. The children, hand in hand with parents and staff on the 1 km walk, were given pride of place in seating to get a perfect view of the performers taking part in this event.

An Aboriginal Didgeridoo and dance performer, Don explained the history and use of his instrument. He even spoke through it! His dance repertoire enthralled adults and children alike.

The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the Torres Strait Islander Dance Performance group from Brisbane, the Malu Kiai Dancers, entertain us with their sense of rhythm, singing and beautiful costumes. Their playing of instruments and vocal accompaniments brought many children to their feet to get in tune with the enticing rhythm.

Cooking near us was some bush tucker on the barbecue; crocodile, emu, kangaroo and Johnny cakes. The children and adults were able to get a taste of some freshly barbecued crocodile. Yummo!!