Preparing Your Kindy Aged Child for Prep

Recently I participated in a Toowoomba workshop attended by other kindergarten teachers, a school Principal and some prep teachers. Among other topics, we discussed some indicators for prep readiness.

Some of these were

  • Does your kindergarten aged child follow instructions?
  • Can your child get their message across easily and clearly so that others can understand?
  • Can he/she recognize his/her name?
  • Can he/she hold a pencil and scissors correctly?
  • Is your kindy aged child able to problem solve? ie. use their coping skills to deal with situations
  • Is your child confident?
  • When attending child care is your child able to sit during group time?
  • Is your child able to open a lunch box, unwrap food portions, place a straw in a popper?
  • Is your child able to look after his/her belongings?
  • Whilst attending day care is your child happy to talk in front of the group of children?
  • Is your child engaged in activities whilst at childcare or kindy?

Until next time


Director, Mirambeena Children’s Centre