Mirambeena Weekend Camping Trip - 30 November & 1 December

14 people joined in over the weekend to participate in Mirambeena’s 7th camping trip which took place at the tranquil spot near Crows Nest at Ivory Creek.

Despite the rain on Friday, the campers stayed dry, although the rain did deter some families from travelling on the gravel road.

The shallow water in the creek offered a wonderful opportunity for the children (and adults) to have a splashing good time, sailing boats down stream, throwing balls, rock hopping and explore the surrounding area covered in Xanthoreas.  The camp fire provided an avenue for lots of laughs and of course delicious dinners cooked in the camp ovens, even muffins cooked in one too for morning tea.

Friday night saw a game of Rummikub and then Saturday night, Balderdash for the adults, whilst the younger ones played cricket, badminton and throwing balls onto the tent roof and seeing where they rolled off to.

Families showed reluctance to head for home, but we will think about another venue for our next weekend. Very few child care centres undertake camping trips so Mirambeena Children’s Centre is again unique in offering this fun experience where families can get together and enjoy getting to know each other in a relaxed and fun time.

Plans are usually afoot to think of new and different venues but this setting was so idyllic I think we will be back for another time.

This opportunity also meets Quality area 6.3.4 The service builds relationships and engages with the local community.



Mirambeena Children's Centre