Darcy's Visit to Nepal

During the year, relief staff are often called upon to fill any staff vacancies due to illness, appointments or holidays.  On one of these occasions an enthusiastic Darcy helped us out. 

Currently Darcy is on the other side of the world to Mirambeena visiting villages in Kathmandu - Nepal with a group of 20 people from Australia.  The group of volunteers have gone equipped with backpacks full of pencils, books, clothes, and other gifts that will help these children and brighten their days.  As well as playing, singing songs and dancing with these vibrant children, the volunteers will spend time with their families, learning all about their culture.  Darcy has remarked that “despite the poverty in some of these villages, everyone is so beautiful and happy and so full of love.”  We look forward to seeing more photos and hearing about all the amazing stories Darcy has to share from her journey to Nepal.

Here is a photo of Darcy spreading the love with one of the beautiful little girls in Kathmandu :)