Reunion of our 2013 Kindy Children

On Wednesday afternoon after school on 26th March, 21 of our 2013 kindy children joined us for a back to Mirambeena reunion. It was so good to see the children back, to catch up with their friends they hadn’t seen since December, see them in their school uniforms instead of their kindy play clothes and hear all about their life after Mirambeena, now in their first year at school, in prep.

The children and parents joined together for afternoon tea and a short play, getting quite excited to be back albeit for a short time. The wet weather made play outside difficult but despite that, it was a good afternoon. Zai, Sepi, Kathy, Cathy and Lyn were able to spend time chatting to the parents and finding out about the transition to school. By the sounds of all the comments, the children’s attendance at Mirambeena played a big step towards this transition.