Our Philosophy

Our Team

·       At Mirambeena, we are a team of passionate educators from a range of cultural backgrounds and experiences. We all contribute to providing a caring, welcoming environment, which is inclusive and supportive. We acknowledge and consider the wellbeing of our children, families and educators by creating a sense of belonging within our service. We embrace the diversity of our community and provide an environment where children experience aspects of their own and other cultures.

·       We adhere to the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics which provides a framework for reflection of the ethical responsibilities we hold in relation to children, families, colleagues and our community.


·       We advocate inclusion and equity of opportunity, access, treatment and outcomes for all children, educators and families within our community. Individuality and the interdependence of all children and adults, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with additional needs, are appreciated, respected and encouraged by all at Mirambeena.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives

·       We acknowledge the First Nation’s people, their rich diversity and connections to country and family.  We respect and honour the local custodians of the land on which we play – the Giabal, Jarowair and Western Wakka Wakka people. Educators continually extend their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and contemporary issues. Our service is committed to and actively participates in the implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan.  The environment and experiences at our service provide children and families with the opportunity to deepen their awareness of the shared history of Australia.

Our beliefs about children

·       We believe that the child is central to the learning process.  We view children as capable, competent, co-contributors and acknowledge them as active participants in their own learning. We promote a sense of wonder and encourage our children to engage in higher order thinking where they are encouraged to explore, question, think critically and consider different perspectives.

·       We value the development of empathy in our children, supporting them to consider others’ perspectives in order to understand what they are feeling. Empathy allows children to build social connections with others, regulate their own emotions and develop helpful and caring behaviours.

·       We believe that young children are active citizens. They are connected to a changing world and with the right support can act to improve their society and environment. We believe a global perspective in the early years can broaden children’s experiences and give them the knowledge and skills to navigate their world now and into the future.

Our Practice

·       At Mirambeena, we believe that play is the essential medium through which children learn. Play fosters the development of independence, inquiry, imagination and creativity. The programs we offer in each room reflect the value of play. The curriculum we use in our service is based on The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG), My time, Our Place (MTOP) – A Framework for School Aged Care and the National Quality Framework.

·       We believe that risk is a vital component of children’s play, as it allows them to be challenged, to face uncertainty, to problem solve and to work with others to find a solution. All these qualities serve to expand children’s cognitive, physical and social-emotional abilities.

·       We are advocates for loose parts play which can be defined as incorporating natural objects and tactile materials into the environment that children can move about during play and exploration. Loose parts are versatile and open-ended and allow children to be creative, curious and imaginative. We believe that using loose parts in the learning environment encourages growth in all areas of development.

·       We believe in the benefits of nature play. Through play in the natural environment, children can encounter diverse opportunities for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creativity. Playing outdoors grows resilience, self-confidence and initiative.  It encourages experimentation, social connections and self-regulation.  Nature play fosters an appreciation of the natural environment, develops environmental awareness and provides a platform for ongoing environmental education.

Our Environment

·       We provide a home-like environment which is safe, supportive and caring, where children form secure relationships with their educators and peers. We believe that all children have the right to experience quality education and care in an environment that promotes their health and safety and protects them from injury, harm and infection.

·       At Mirambeena, the natural environment is an integral part of our program. Children are encouraged to explore and discover, respect and care for the native wildlife and the land on which they play.


·       We believe that to provide a program that is relevant to each child, we must work collaboratively with families and the wider community to meet the individual needs of all children within our care. We encourage and support parental and family involvement within the program, drawing on their knowledge, skills and interests to extend the children’s awareness of the world around them.

Continuous Improvement

·       At Mirambeena, we are committed to continuous improvement. As educators, we believe in engaging in critical reflection, participating in ongoing professional learning and supporting research that builds upon our knowledge and that of our profession.

April, 2023